Eco Pledge

To our fellow eco-warriors! 🌱

At the 💛 of this brand, is our unique fabric MAXXAM. The vision for this brand was inspired by the possibilities Iona (Rosemary's daughter - inventor of fabric) saw in the fabric - its sustainable properties and comfy, strange nature. Offering a slow fashion product that could bring something different to the market, while helping to shift fashions recent harmful history.

“As a brand, we feel it is our responsibility to provide you with a more ethical alternative to other clothing brands. We believe that currently, there are not enough restrictions being made on the manufacturing of clothing and fabric which is leading to waste, pollution and ultimately harming our planet. Then blaming the consumer for making the wrong choice to whom they buy from. We shouldn’t be holding individuals accountable, we should be holding businesses accountable. So, we are taking the matters into our own hands and will hold ourselves responsible, and promise to keep trying to make positive leaps forward in our impact on the environment. Furthermore, we aim to be as upfront and honest with our customers as we can - creating transparency with everything that we do.” - MM family


Over the past few years, we have experimented with more ethical fabric materials for the MAXXAM fabric. Making a product sustainable is more challenging than some might think. There are many obstacles from sourcing the right yarn, to availability for purchase, to it being created into a product that is up to our standards. After a lot of hard work from our passionate team, we can finally announce our over 50% recycled fabric 👏 - still keeping them just as soft and affordable for all.

What does the ♻️ part mean?

We collect discarded unusable yarn from yarn producers, and combine it with our virgin yarn to make our fabric! Instead of the unusable yarn going to waste, we’re using them to make our comfy, long lasting, stretchy styles! + our labels are also recycled polyester.

Why should you care about our new 50% ♻️ fabric?

  • It means we are one step closer to our products being fully regenerative 👍
  • Using recycled yarn keeps less waste going into our landfills.
  • There is less pollution going into the atmosphere from the making of new yarn.


We have a very transparent relationship with the factories we work with. Our situation is quite unusual, as we supply our own fabric and make some of our clothing in our own garment making factory. This means we have much more control over how and what we make, also, how our work partners and making process are treated. We shouldn't have to say this, but we definitely don't use any sweatshops!

Why are our products sustainable?
  • From April 2021, we use an over 50% recycled fabric which upcycles waste nylon yarn and a have always used a recycled polyester yarn for our labels.
  • Every garment has longevity because it is made from durable, high-quality fabric, that stretches to fit around children for years of growth.
  • There's less need to buy more clothing with our multi-activity styles that children can use for swimming, dance class, playtime, and casual wear.
  • Each part of the making process, starting from the knitting of our fabric, through to the garments' sewing is made locally in our home country, England  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

This isn't all. We are still constantly working on more sustainable/regenerative ways of manufacturing our clothing, creating our textiles and adapting the day to day running of the brand. And we will be sharing every step of the way with you!


Big Hugs, MM family x