we are
moore maxxam

We love fun, comfortable and sustainable clothing. So we set out on an adventure to create our revolutionary stretchy children’s wear 🌈

our story

It all started in the 80s when our co-founder, Rosemary Moore, invented our unique fabric known as MAXXAM®. It's been featured in movies, won awards, and has been supplied to many of your favorite Crinkle brands!

For over 40 years we've worked hard to refine the MAXXAM® textile, making it softer and stretchier than ever before. We hope you'll all join us and #WearTheFun!

we are proudly

🐌 slow fashion

It sounds obvious, but we actually really care about our planet and couldn’t imagine not putting it first.

With multi-purpose styles, durable fabric and years of growth in one size, we're very slow fashion.

☔ made locally

Our MAXXAM® fabric and styles are made right here, in the UK!

We use small, local producers and focus on creating strong and personal relationships. No sweatshops ever.

the family team


textiles & technical things

With my amazing talents in textile design, I am the inventor and creator of MAXXAM®. I handle all things stretch related 💁


creative vision & community

I love to look at the big picture and design for a better world. I hope to create a supportive and loving community along the way 🌱


brand & strategy

Making a mess and playing around! I like to be creative and share that fun along the way, inviting you all to come and play 🏄