Wave Play

£ 45.00 GBP

A playsuit that's both stylish and ready for a full day of adventures!

Multipurpose - Swim, dance and play.
Soft, stretchy & seamless.
Long-lasting, high quality & British made.
SPF 50+ Protection on areas covered by fabric.

Wave fabric colors are in limited quantities and may no longer be available.
*Please note that colors may differ slightly from the photos.

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The stretchy Family
Hear from some small bodies with loud voices
"I don't wanna take this off!"
Lillly - age 3
"I want to wear this all the time!"
Tom - age 6
"This is the comfiest thing I've every worn!"
Sarah - age 8
"They're so bright and pretty!"
Jack - age 4
"I can move so well!"
Daisy - age 7

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